About Private Home Sale

Welcome – I’m Diane and I’m so happy you’ve found our site.  My family and I are local Long Islanders, just like you.  We’ve lived in Valley Stream, Long Beach and now are happily settled in Patchogue, Suffolk County.

So why am I all about selling – QUICK, PRIVATE and $0 FEES?  When my Mom sold our family home on Long Island, she hoped for a quick, easy sale.  That was what the agent said would happen but it was NOT what happened.  There were months of aggravation, tons of fees, CO issues from a porch that was there when my parents bought the house, random people knocking on the door and calling the house, etc.  We had no privacy AT ALL.  It took forever, was really stressful and incredibly expensive.  My Mom deserved better.

Why does it cost so much and take so long? I just couldn’t understand why you couldn’t sell hassle free.  And guess what, you can!

Quick, private, $0 Fees is how we roll!

The fees, time frames and lenders here in NY are just insane.  Having 20 years of varied real estate and management experience, I decided I could do better and offer homeowners that want to sell a different option that was quick, private and $0 fees.   So now I’m on a bad ass mission to give people options when selling (with my fearless co-worker and loyal pup Skylar by my side) and it’s working out great.  Happy sellers getting a price that works for them along with a stress-free process is what we are all about!


Life’s too short, isn’t it?  At Private Home Sale, we focus on providing you with a solution to your situation so you can stop worrying and focus on  the things you love.

If you have any questions about how we work or what the process of selling a house to us is like, contact me anytime.  I’ll give you honest answers to your questions without any pressure…..I promise.

Call today –  (631) 629-6988